I was at the park with my four children and my lovely poodle dog.

We were playing on the swings and my little boy, Luke, came up to me and said ‘Mommy can I swing?’ I said yes and he swung. He was so beautiful I just wanted to hold him. But then he stopped and said ‘Mommy can I swing again?’ I said yes and he started swinging again. That moment was a very beautiful moment of my life. I was so happy my the boy was so happy. I felt like the whole world was smiling at me.

I was walking home with my four children, my dog.

As we approached our house, we saw a man following us. I was so scared that I ran home. My four children were not safe with the stranger.

The children and I were worried as we ran home to safety. I was so worried about my children’s safety. I don’t know why the stranger followed us home, but I am glad that we were all safe. That was until the stranger approached our house and walked toward the door and then I realized it was my husband. Eric had returned home early from work and wanted to surprise us, but instead did the opposite and frightened us all!