What Will You Do With Your One, Wild Life? {LISTEN}

In the last two years,

I moved from the midwest to Los Angeles County.

I put two children in the L.A. County Public School system.

I rode the Superman ride at Six Flags

and the Tower of Terror at Disneyland.

I defied gravity.

I cut my hair.

I watched my son suffer and beat death

while I prayed for miracles over his grey skin.

I have met celebrities and homeless men.

I have seen demons.

And I have heard them, too.

I fought disease in myself,

and the mind games that come with pain:




I have auditioned,

been in a commercial,

and sung on stage in front of hundreds of people.

I have driven to LAX

on the 405 in rush hour traffic,

and that, my friend, is no joke.

I jumped off the high jump at the local trampoline extravaganza.

It was only one story, but it was a lot for me.

I have done a thousand new things

and met a thousand new people.

I have worn my heart on my sleeve.

I have been passed over

and celebrated,

and both can be hard to handle.

I started a novel.

I turned 40.

I turned a corner.

I turned away from fear

and into myself.

And I wonder

what else is out there for me

for us

when we turn away from fear.

What can you do

to turn more and more



For me,

I’m going to

see what else

I can cram in

to this




Inspiration song from Gungor.  What will you do with your one wild life?!?  

6 thoughts on “What Will You Do With Your One, Wild Life? {LISTEN}”

  1. Always a homebody, I really never expected to have to travel far to see my children, but they have extended my horizons far beyond anything I could ever comfortably dream. The Lord’s ideas are glorious; His plans, delightful and grandiose, His ways, mysterious; and his plan execution, unimaginable. You say just that in the most winning of ways, my Dear One.

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