{WATCH} Compassion Hot Sauce Challenge

My son loves the show Brain Games.  If you haven’t seen it, it is fast paced and entertaining and puts different psychology studies on display and to the test.  Pop psychology at its best and, possibly, worst.

But it is an introduction to certain concepts, and we enjoy it.

Once in a while, he asks me to sit and watch an episode with him.

This week he wanted to share a Brain Games study on compassion.  (If you are in a hurry, start at 3:50 and watch the last minute and a half.)

As I watched, I laughed and felt convicted.

And also hopeful.

I have been that person pounding on my horn.  Nothing like L.A. traffic to make you lose your cool.  And compassion.

Last week, I shared that I have also been that compassionate person at times.  And have questioned it.  Until I look over and see how deeply touched a person can be by an unexpected kindness.

This episode of Brain Games gives evidence that suggests just how touching, and contagious, compassion can be.

When confronted with negativity, your kindness can change everything, even if you aren’t involved in any way in the original problem.

I think we inherently know this, somehow, and it is so biblical, but I love seeing the science that backs it up.

And the Death-level hot sauce analogy is just so fitting, don’t you think?

How much “hell” are we willing to give another person back when they hurt us or mess with our day?

Who are we serving when we seek revenge?

Who are we serving when we choose compassion?

I’m praying that, more and more, I will be that person who chooses compassion, with or without the kindness of another person’s influence.

Compassion literally makes the world a less scary place.

It has to start somewhere.

It has to start with someone.

But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great… Luke 6:35

CLICK HERE  to view Brain Games Compassion Hot Sauce experiment (all green words in articles indicate links).  



4 thoughts on “{WATCH} Compassion Hot Sauce Challenge”

  1. How interesting! By showing compassion, we actually affect the mood of the environment. That sounds like “love your neighbor” and the results of personifying the fruits of the Spirit.
    I think we cannot do that consistently without the Holy Spirit, but with His help…

  2. Great post again ☺️ I wanted to watch the brain games but there’s a copy right that doesn’t allow it to play in “my country”.
    It sounds awesome though!

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