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What Will You Do With Your One, Wild Life? {LISTEN}

In the last two years,

I moved from the midwest to Los Angeles County.

I put two children in the L.A. County Public School system.

I rode the Superman ride at Six Flags

and the Tower of Terror at Disneyland.

I defied gravity.

I cut my hair.

I watched my son suffer and beat death

while I prayed for miracles over his grey skin.

I have met celebrities and homeless men.

I have seen demons.

And I have heard them, too.

I fought disease in myself,

and the mind games that come with pain:




I have auditioned,

been in a commercial,

and sung on stage in front of hundreds of people.

I have driven to LAX

on the 405 in rush hour traffic,

and that, my friend, is no joke.

I jumped off the high jump at the local trampoline extravaganza.

It was only one story, but it was a lot for me.

I have done a thousand new things

and met a thousand new people.

I have worn my heart on my sleeve.

I have been passed over

and celebrated,

and both can be hard to handle.

I started a novel.

I turned 40.

I turned a corner.

I turned away from fear

and into myself.

And I wonder

what else is out there for me

for us

when we turn away from fear.

What can you do

to turn more and more



For me,

I’m going to

see what else

I can cram in

to this




Inspiration song from Gungor.  What will you do with your one wild life?!?  

For the Underdog: Interview with Chikk. {FREE DOWNLOAD}

A life well lived is encouragement and example to the rest of us.  A vision at Lady the Fearless is the feature of different courageous women and true brothers from time to time.  In that vein, I’m happy to give you the FIRST of many interviews and biographies today, with the incredible singer/songwriter, Chikk.
Already a K-Pop songwriting star in South Korea,  Chikk is rising in the LA music scene.  She is a passionate professional.  And a lover of God.  And my dear friend.
I interviewed her with five short questions this week, and I think you’ll relate to her story and be inspired.  She is a powerhouse of energy, and is vulnerable and honest about the challenges of creativity, emotion, work, life, and faith.

And follow this link for a free download of the song as a gift from Chikk.
Be energized, encouraged, and enjoy!!!

LADY:  Chikk!  I love this EP! So amazing. Thanks so much for being here today!  Can you start by sharing the inspiration for  the song, War, and the rest of the album?

CHIKK:  There were so many inspirations behind War.  One huge inspiration was actually Rick Joyner’s book, The Final Quest.  It changed my perspective on what type of War we were, and still are, really fighting.  My song, War, is about the fight against darkness, the fight for Truth, and the fight within self.

LADY:  Of course, there is no way you could have known in advance what would happen in Dallas and around the country in terms of shootings and racially charged protests immediately before the scheduled release of War. How do you feel about the song War being born into the current atmosphere?

CHIKK:  That’s a great question!  I could have never predicted that within 3 days of each other, our country would go into such mayhem & the release of War would fall within that same week!  I believe Dallas was only a reaction to other actions.  Baton Rouge’s Alton Sterling and Minnesota’s Philando Castile were the immediate actions that led to the Dallas reaction.  At first I was scared out of my mind! I didn’t know if I should even put it out anymore… But after doing research on the events and the history that preceded these events, I knew it was God.  And I also knew it was bigger than me.

LADY:  What is your prayer or hope for anyone who listens to this album?

CHIKK:  I hope and pray that whoever listens to this song, and the EP when it comes out, hears VICTORY! That they hear a voice that has overcome the darkest of moments, a voice that now stands in the redeeming Light.  I want anyone who hears this to KNOW that they are worth it!  That they are good enough, and if anyone ever tries to tell them different, instead of backing down or giving up, they will rise! They will start a War unlike anyone has ever seen before. That they will fight with their knowledge, with their pain, with their rejection, and with one of the most precious weapons we could ever use, forgiveness. This project, this song, it is “For the Underdog,” which is the title of the EP, set to release this fall.

Can you share a few of your favorite lyrics and where you were when you wrote them, or any other outstanding memories of songwriting for this album?

Some of my favorite lyrics! I love this question.

And all the talk about you’re not good enough. Forget about all of your broken hearts, because I bet…It was good for the both of us

It’s a lyric that reminds me that none of the hurt was in vain. It was all working in my favor, even when I couldn’t see it.

I wrote these songs in my car actually.  I either started them or finished them in the car while working a job to make money & live. During that process, I was ready to give up on my dreams altogether. It just seemed too hard to keep going, but I did. And I’m so glad that I did! This project was birthed from a place of pure confusion, shame, doubt and low self esteem. So I would have to say my favorite moment, was when I no longer felt ashamed. Doubt had left and I loved every single part of myself. I wondered what had happened, to change all of this.  And it was because I had told a part of my story.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I was healing while I was writing.  And now I look back in amazement at it all!

LADY:  What does fearlessness look like for you?  And what do you do to grow in courage and to fight fear in your career, life, and faith?

CHIKK:  Fearlessness for me, is accepting that you will have fears. Strange right? I find that I am more courageous when I have made peace with my fears. Anytime I deny myself of the reality of being human & having real fears, I shut down. Or I run. Looking whatever it is I am afraid of, in the face, is the first step to me being fearless. It takes the fear from my mind, body and soul, and puts it in front of me. Now I have no attachment to it. Now I can strategize how to overcome it. I can not overcome fear, until I let go of it. I can not let go of it, until I admit I am actually holding it.

Song Unstolen, or, Lily in the Lions Den

Sweaty palms squeaked across the concrete wall.

I looked down, and I saw my child, hands cupped over her face, body pressed tightly against the white bricks like a clinging vine, a true wallflower.

She slid around the corner of the Sunday School room and inched through the doorway.

Bright posters and small children everywhere, it smelled like bleach.  And cheerios.  And vaguely of bacon.

Lily was convinced that this class was not a good idea.  She did not care for crowds of kids.  Or crowds.  Or kids. Their ways were not her ways.  She was six going on forty.  Clean and quiet and well-read.  Not like the sticky savages in that Sunday School class.

The teacher and I looked at each other.  “Do you want to come to storytime, Lily?”

Um, no.

Forget those crunchy carpet squares.  Lily backed up to the plastic table far behind the story circle and looked at me.

I sat on the little table, and she held tight to my arm.

“Daniel in the Lion’s Den” was the day’s felt board feature.  My daughter was not impressed.  She gazed out the window and twirled her hair with her free hand, the hand not clutching my arm.

She stayed close to me for the entire hour.

Some people had theories about how we should raise Lily–she needed discipline, we were told.  She needed bribes.  She needed something, anything, different than whatever we were doing at the moment.

But, sometimes, kids just need time.  And an arm to hold on to.

Near the end, about half the kids took turns leading the class in short songs.  They were pink cheeked and earnest and endearingly off-key.  The teacher thanked each one and was ready to dismiss.

But, before I knew it, my daughter was at the front of the room.  I looked down at the fingerprints she left behind on my arm and back at her.  She stood calmly near the felt board, small golden felt lions looking out over her shoulders, their mouths decisively shut.

I stared.  My mouth fell open.  A first grader walked by and dropped a cracker in it.

The teacher said, “Oh!  Lily!  I’m so glad you joined us!  Did you want to sing a song?”

Lily announced,  “Yes!  I am going to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and do the sign language.”

Which she proceeded to do, loud and clear.  I didn’t even know she knew “Jesus Loves Me” with the sign language.

When she was finished, the teacher said, “Lily.  Now, do you think you could do that a couple more times so the rest of us can learn?”

“Oh, yes,” Lily said, and led the class in the song, with the sign language, a couple more times so everyone could learn.

Then they were finished.  Lily walked to me and smiled.

The teacher and I looked at each other.  Shook our heads.  Kids.

I was stunned by the transformation in my child.  One minute, a trembling, clutching case of social anxiety.  The next, a cabaret choir conductor.

We didn’t talk on the way out.  Or, rather, I didn’t talk on the way out.  Lily chattered and held my hand.  She talked about the morning all the way to the car and then halfway home.

When she paused to take a breath I said, “Lily, can I ask you something?  Can you help me understand what just happened in there?  One minute you seemed  really scared, and then the next minute, you were leading a song.  What changed???”

“Oh,” she said.  “Well.  First, I wanted to sing my song.  Then, I didn’t want to sing it.  Then, I knew it.  The debble was trying to steal my song.  And I thought, ‘oh no, I am not letting that debble steal my song.’  So I got up there, and I sang it.  And Mom.  You know a spirit of fear is not from God, it’s from the debbles.”

Holy metronome.

All those nights sitting by her bed, teaching her scriptures to ward off screaming night terrors.

She had actually listened.

And then.

She sang.


What song are you longing to sing?  

Don’t you let the debble steal that song.

For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7