On Vikings, Horses, and Ladies Done with Waiting.


I told a friend the name of my new blog.  He looked confused and said, “Why aren’t you calling it ‘The Fearless Lady?'”

I sighed.

“It’s just, I don’t know, forgettable.  Everyday.   And, it sounds like a housekeeping website.”

He nodded and  said, “Oh, I get it.  You’re right.  And,” he gestured, “‘Lady the Fearless.’  That’s, like, yeah, that’s your Viking name.”

My Viking name.  Exactly.  Lady the Fearless.  The Valkyrie on her thundering steed, flying double fisted on a winged horse through this world of kids and dishes and work and life.  Susan of Narnia shooting straight arrows from a homemade bow in leather cuffs and a metal dress.   Alice, waltzing through Wonderland, unashamed and curious, taking no prisoners, dreaming and believing every impossible thing.

And, really, every day?  I don’t usually feel exactly like any of that.

But, I hold those images of Vikings and flying horses and arrows and Wonderland close, as reminders that we are part of another realm and the war taking place in it.

I am often struck by the intensity of the battle we face.  The battle to live this life and to live it well.

And I want to live it well.  I am so done with fear.

Fear says that nothing will ever be good enough.  Fear tells us to stay low, stay quiet, stay small.  Fear laughs in our faces and tells us to never hope or dream or wish.

I am done with fear running my life, telling me just to wait, wait for a better time, a better chance, a better me.  Telling me what chances to take–none.  No chances, never.

Fighting fear may well be the one battle at the root of all the battles we fight.  Even Eve was afraid that God was holding out on her when she bit into that apple, afraid that she was missing out on something good.

This blog is a journey into saying “goodbye” to fear and “hello” to true love and abundant life.  A habit of calling myself by a Viking name, calling myself “Fearless” as a reminder and not as a boast.  Because we need to be reminded of who we are.  We need to be reminded of the battle.  We need reminders of what we can be if we stop waiting and get in the fight.

I think we are all tired of fear, and I think we are all ready for something better.

I think we are ready for a journey to Fearless.

What’s your Viking name?  What words or images help you stay inspired and reminded of the higher calling on your life?  Reminders like this will be a running theme here at Lady the Fearless, so you have time to think about it if you want to comment at a later date.  But if you know it now, please share in the comments below!  You have something to share that will help others.  I know you do, because God put it there.




64 thoughts on “On Vikings, Horses, and Ladies Done with Waiting.”

  1. Wow. Tremendous. Bravo, my friend!
    There is nothing like finally taking fear
    head-on and shaking it, till it collapses at our feet, defeated. When we finally see it, as a puffed up wisp of smoke, that we are so much more powerful than, because of who we are in Christ, and the authority He has given us.

  2. Hello. I’m popping over from the Intentional Blog FB group to tell you I think you’re absolutely right: this makes a great manifesto. You’ve pulled me in. But how we get from manifesto to magnet, I have no clue. You?

    1. Hi Janet! Thanks for stopping by! Ummm…still working on that?? Lol! Let me know when you figure it out! <3

  3. I love this!! Fear can be such a pain, but GOODBYE FEAR. HELLO TRUE LOVE *smiles cheekily at bystanders* I love your writing and your message. Go get ’em!!!

  4. I remember being in your house about 16 years ago, feeling love so palpable as you mothered your first babe, that I wanted to stay in that presence forever. You are no stranger to Perfect Love, that” which casts out fear.” Tis a right and mighty quest to live fearless–it pricks me to ask myself: do I dare to love that much?

    1. Oh my. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! It only took me a year to hit “publish.” LOL!!! Thanks for always encouraging me!!!

  5. ‘Of the Fiery Sword’ here… really enjoyed your Blog Intro, you may want to make it your Feature Blog, for new Visitors. The way your wrote drew me in and caused me to think about my own Viking name. As a fellow Viking who has overcome much fear since 1978, I found myself wanting to get to know you better too.

    May I suggest that you join Network Bloggers and some Blogging and Writers Groups on FB if you have not already done so? If you check out my Group List on my public wall, you will find a few you may desire to explore. I left a short comment on your FB Post re Network Bloggers already.

    Our mutual friend, Denise Joseph referred me to your Blog. In the future I will do a Blog Review and recommend you on my own Blog. If you do not mind, that is… feel free to add you Blog Link there too in the meantime.

    With a beginning like that, am sure you will have many followers in days to come… Happy Blogging my friend.

    1. Cowabunga! “Of the Fiery Sword!” Powerful! It would be great to connect with you. I’ll see you on Facebook–we’ll talk! Love that Denise, oh, She of the Quiet Strength. Thank you so much for the encouragement!

  6. Well, doesn’t this considerable promise!
    You certainly brightened the cloudy day today.
    Look forward to reading more!

  7. I just love this post on your blog page. We have been kept waiting a long time !! But wow, it’s very good. I was getting goosebumps reading part of it. It is a very exciting prospect to tell fear to take a hike, jump in a lake, shut up! And then to live your life in boldness. 🙂
    Having spent a lot of time praying for healing and deliverance in the International Association of Healing Rooms, I can tell you for certain that fear is the number one spiritual cause of sickness. This is an important topic and I am so glad you are now actively waving the banner of “Fearless”.

    1. Paul, thank you so much! Curious which was the goosebumps part? Love that! Here’s to you and Ginny–great encouragers! Thank you for keeping the fires burning for all around you!!! <3

      1. goosebumpy part for me was this : “I am done with fear running my life, telling me just to wait, wait for a better time, a better chance, a better me. Telling me what chances to take–none. No chances, never.Fighting fear may well be the one battle at the root of all the battles we fight. ”

        I thought this was inspired: “Even Eve was afraid that God was holding out on her when she bit into that apple, afraid that she was missing out on something good.”

        you are speaking to hearts Amy, speaking courage and boldness and sass !

        1. and my Viking name is …. (drum roll please )
          Paul the Berserk
          but, I am changing it to ‘Berserker’
          Paul the Berserker
          yes, very excitable, sometimes just going on a tear

        2. I just now saw these comments from you, Paul! Thank you SO MUCH! I’m a longtime writing student–I love specifics!! Courage and boldness and sass–YES!!! <3

    1. Thank you so much!!! This post dedicated to Praying Medic–couldn’t have done it without you!!! Blessings, my friend!!!

  8. Lionheart! I’m a child of The Most High God and His blood races through my veins. Fellow warrior with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah….

  9. Now the world will know what so many of us already do- that you, My Lady, are salt and light. Your words make me thirsty for more!

    1. Love you sister. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You are such a blessing to me. I’m delighting in going on this journey with you!!!

  10. I don’t know about a Viking name, but I got nicknamed “The Executioner” which sounds pretty fearless… (Executioner because I take action, not lop off peoples heads. Wait, do Viking’s do that?)

    1. It does sound fearless! Vikings, yes, in the company of Red Queens. I think it depends on whether or not you speak ALICE!!! lol!!!

  11. Bravo Amy!!

    Off to a great start. You’re even tackling the big guns like fear. I think fear just got a little afraid because now Lady the Fearless in in the house!

  12. Ya Fear holds alot of people back i say try if its in your heart get trainnig to do whatever it is if u wanna do it by good teachers

    1. Awesome! Yes! Did you follow the link to find your Viking name, William? Bet it’s a good one–William the Conqueror!

      1. They been calling me William the Conquerer for a long time I think I will keep that but will go to this link you are talking about 😀

  13. Love it, Lady the Fearless–my friend who helps ME get over fear and dive in with God.
    I’m so proud of you. I’m so inspired by you. time to inspire the WORLD, LTF!!
    Can’t wait to see what God pours through you since you’ve opened the valve and all that’s been dammed up is bursting forth!
    Exciting times, my Fearless Friend!
    Much love and Go, Go, GO!!!

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