Why Milo is Rising and Why You Should Care 

Berkeley burning.

I saw the images, and I was stunned.

I had already dismissed Milo Yiannopoulos, without ever hearing him speak, as an absolute show-off with fabulous hair.  But when Berkeley decided to burn itself down over his visit in January, I had to know what he was saying that was so terrible and incendiary.

I took a crash course in Milo over the next week. If you aren’t familiar with him, Milo is a gay Jewish Catholic British Greek journalist in the U.S. and the U.K.  Read that again if you need to.  I’ll say up front that he is R-rated, and I don’t agree with everything he says.  But, that much, I expected.

What did surprise me was how much of what he said, getting past the bear-baiting and f-bombs, that I did agree with.

I listened to Milo talk about the war on boys in public school.  A personal issue for me since taking my son out of a school that was humiliating him, lying to me, and certain to insist on medication as the path to his success.

I listened to Milo talk about the bullying tactics of third-wave feminism and the importance of truly giving women choices, also a personal issue for me since leaving an academic path to stay home with my kids.  When I had my first child, the academics I knew were visibly disappointed, and I knew the things that would be said behind my back.  A woman that had made the same choice before me had been called “a waste” and her choice “a shame.”  Older women that I knew called me during my baby’s first year and told me over and over, “You know you can go back to work now.  It’s time for you to go back.”  I didn’t want to go back.  I thought feminism was about giving women a choice?

I listened to Milo talk about women proudly videotaping abortions, his support of the Catholic church, his concern for the cultural confusion around the problems of radical Islam.  He was laughed at, screamed at, even assaulted onstage.

And I found myself cheering him on.

For standing up for stay-at-home moms?  For families feeling the pressure to medicate their otherwise healthy boys? For Christians and their right to free speech?

Yes.  I’m cheering him on.

I saw a post on social media saying, “shame on Milo.”  Many headlines emerged after the fires at Berkeley, incidentally, the place, should anyone forget, that birthed the concept of the peaceful protest.

Headlines that read, “Milo Incites Outbreak of Violence at University.”

Last time I checked, we still have a constitutional amendment that guarantees a person’s right to say what they think.  It’s called free speech.  And burning buildings is still against the law.  It’s called arson.

And yet, people are afraid to say much of what Milo is saying, even if they think it.  And as Milo is escorted out of Berkeley for a very real threat to his life, and police stand and do nothing, it starts to look like their fears are founded, that there is indeed a very real war on free speech in our country.

You should care about Milo, because if his right to free speech is threatened, censored, or reframed in the media, your free speech can be, too.

Let me repeat:  Protestors throw fire into a publicly funded building and the main media headline is “Milo Incites Violence at Berkeley”?

Here’s the thing:  Milo never spoke that night.

He didn’t get a chance.  Rather than shut down the violence, police let it rage, and Milo was taken off of the campus.

You should care about Milo, because if his right to free speech is threatened, censored, or reframed in the media, your free speech can be, too.

I hesitated to do this blog. Considered keeping my own mouth shut on this topic. Google is censoring Milo’s name, so anything containing it is damaged in SEO. But one great thing about being small is that you don’t have much to lose.

And this is Lady the Fearless.  I can’t be quiet for fear of speaking up.

True freedom is always associated with free speech. I’m for freedom.  I’ll support free speech whether I agree with all of it or not.  And I’m not running to a safe space if I feel challenged. I am an adult.  I do not need play dough to recover from hearing someone else’s opinion.  And I don’t plan on starting a fire if someone says something shocking.  Call me crazy.  I just don’t think play dough and fire are the right avenues for me.

But I do feel suddenly like raising my voice in a new way. It feels weird. All fluid and like I scare myself a little. Like I might say anything.

It feels like freedom.


Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  2Cor3:17

18 thoughts on “Why Milo is Rising and Why You Should Care ”

  1. It’s getting really dangerous out there for those of us who don’t agree with the liberal line. Thank you, Lady the Fearless, for standing up for what so many of us are allowing to slip through our fingers by staying silent as our rights are stripped away from us. Even though we are the reasonable, thinking majority, I believe, the screaming voices of the “tolerant,” and the selective and spin coverage of the mainstream media, makes us seem like a hateful, racist, bigoted minority. It would not be wise for us to scream and rant like they do, but we must, quietly and reasonably stand for the truths and rights we believe in.

    You were very wise to choose your son’s welfare over a career (at least for this time). I was a stay-at-home mom of 8 children. Even though I did not homeschool my children (there wasn’t much available for homeschooling those years), I firmly believe it is good and right for most children…especially with the dumbing down of the educational standards, common core curriculum and anti-Christian indoctrination in most schools. With God’s help and a rural school system, our children are grown, successful and loving people and parents.

    God bless you!

    1. Patti, thank you so much for these words of support!! I am so grateful for the encouragement! It can be tough standing for what we believe in but so worth it.

  2. Regardless of the situation with Milo, I need to congratulate you on making two AWESOME choices for yourself and your son – being a full-time parent at home, and insisting on taking the lead in his education. Congratulations from someone who did the same thing and now enjoys the glorious results – a drug-free, straight-laced, fun-loving healthy son who knows how to fix my car. HA!

    1. Ha!! Thank you so much for the support, Maxine!!! I appreciate it more than I can say. I have an almost grown daughter and am seeing the same results–a solid young lady who knows who she is!!! And is grateful for me and her dad. And thank YOU for being a great mom!

  3. Good for you. I’m only familiar with him due to PM speaking on him briefly once I think. So this was new to me basically. Thanks for posting. Don’t be afraid!

  4. They cheered because Milo was censored and banned from Twitter. How can people be okay with this? They silenced him today, but they’ll silence you tomorrow if you don’t fall in line with their ideology. The sheeple need a wake-up call. Thanks for taking a stand and being a voice of truth.

    1. Right. And from what I’ve seen on Twitter, it’s completely arbitrary. Twitter does not care about race or children. It’s all about protecting the cronies. I’m over it. Thanks for being a great example of raising your voice!

  5. I stand shoulder to shoulder with you Lady the Fearless , Defender of Free Speech!! These many protested events that have occurred during this election cycle has brought to light the darker violent side of disjointed freedom ,
    You see, it’s As long as you believe just like them you may speak out. Milo is a conservative who stood in the fiery furnace , of speech obstructionist. ( criminal fascist )
    It’s our God given right to speak our truths, I applaud you for taking a stand for it’s what make this country great , and it needs nutring by Fearless Mothers like you !!

    1. It’s been crazy out there. Choice, voice, and tolerance. We just want what the media and the constitution say we have, right? If that makes us radicals, so be it.

  6. Lady The Fearless indeed. Bravo, this is excellent. Thank you. I don’t need play dough or recovery from someone else’s words either.

    1. Thank you, my friend. If feminism now means that our women and girls are being sent to kindergarten rooms, too weak to hear controversy, I guess I’m out. Infantilization is not what I signed up for. Give me a cigar and a fair fight any day. You got my back, right?!? ;P

  7. I have to confess a lot of what he said was sensible. I so hear you on feminism taking away choices – so many women are shamed for staying at home. The industrial revolution took away fathers from their children and feminism is now taking mothers too.

    Then your comment on schooling hits home – boys are expected to behave like girls – we have testosterone – it makes us active – sitting down learning is not how we were designed – the original culture of learning alongside dad DOING stuff worked for 1000s of years…. *sigh*

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have been sick of the way boys (and men) are treated by feminist-types. Don’t get me started…

      Freedom is being taken away. Only approved left-wing ideas are allowed at Berkeley, apparently. Milo is a threat to some because he’s effective in making his case. He’s entertaining and funny while speaking on serious issues. Normally they would be supportive of a gay activist. But they can’t support Milo because he makes a good case against their views. He’s too effective. He’s too charming. It seems they’re afraid to debate him on substance.

      Without civilized debate, the radical left folks at places like Berkeley “brand” everyone who doesn’t agree with them. “Racist, fascist, blah, blah, blah!” They shut opposing views down with name-calling and violence. Then they justify their actions by saying they’re fighting fascism. (No, you are the ones becoming like fascists.) And the mainstream media loves to write attention-grabbing headlines that align with their obvious bias.

      Around and around we go.

      1. Excellent points. Who was it that just said, “If Milo were liberal he’d be hosting the Oscars”? Milo commented in one of his talks that “{the regressive left} have been getting their way by name calling for so long, that they’ve forgotten how to debate.”

        It’s time for a return to civility, America. Let’s do this.

    2. He’s strangely and flamboyantly and outrageously sensible. Paradoxical. I’m thankful for his voice.

      I agree with you on all points. I guess that makes us rebels! lol! Staying home and homeschooling my kids. It’s so punk.

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