Deception. The Adversary Hatches.

The egg cracks, and a forked tongue flicks into the night air.  Fragments of the shell, thick and dark, fall into the moldy soil below.  A tiny serpent, grotesque and deformed, oozes out of the broken mess, one long and writhing body, two heads.

In a room high above the nest, a woman sleeps.  The castle walls are too smooth for the serpent’s slick belly, but the vining ivy proves a perfect pathway to her window.  The double-headed snake slithers its way along the vines and over the window sill, down the heavy curtain, across the floor, and up into the bed beneath the coverlet at her feet.  It pauses a moment, basking in the warmth of legs covered in filmy white silk.

The brains of the tiny snake, vague and primitive, see thoughts in images, and something like firelight plays through its consciousness.  The tongues flicker, and it continues on, following the warmth of her body, leaving the covering of her sheets, and,  finding her head covered in shining curls, it slithers into her ear.  She stirs, but sleep is sweet.

It more thinks the lies than speaks them, and the woman hears its thoughts louder than her own dreams. And, so deep it goes, hiding itself inside her head, that she believes its thoughts are her own.

Each head sends a different message, one of fear and one of pride, and it feasts on the confusion it breeds. The woman holds her head in her hands and cries tears of indecision.  

Her soul opens to Deception.  The little beast settles in, and without waking, she gives it a home.


Every good story needs a terrible villain.  Lady the Fearless?  She battles lies.  Fear and pride.  Dream stealers.  They come in when we believe deceptions about who we are, when we dozily accept any thought that wanders through our minds.  Too bad the sleeping maiden left that window wide open.  Too bad she doesn’t put up much of a fight.

If she would jerk herself awake and slap that little two-headed snake, it would fly across the room and crack its tiny skulls.  And the maiden?  She would find herself that much closer to Lady the Fearless.

So many things in this story could be different.  What if someone were on snake patrol, getting the eggs before they could ever hatch?  What if the castle had a more conscientious gardener?

The window could be guarded.  There could be snake traps in the bedroom.  The little maiden could jump up, throwing back the blankets, kicking like a ninja!   She could protect her ears before she slept, some barrier the lying creature could never breach.

What lies do you need to slap, right across the room today?  What barriers could you put in place against lies?  What fears are trying to take you down, infiltrate your thinking, and steal your dreams with thoughts of failure and risk?  What prideful nonsense is invading?

Every healthy person I know deals with lies and fear and pride; it’s an ongoing matter of what we accept and how proactive we are, how often we go on snake patrol, take inventory.  How sleepy are we when lies try to creep in?   Because they are sneaky, and we do love our slumber.

We have got to get control of ourselves, for heavens sake, and give the little beasties a slap.

I’ll share some of my strategies for slapping fear out of my head in the next post, but would you share some of yours in the comments?  What does courage look like for you in those moments of choice, those moments when you could choose to believe a lie or step out on truth?

11 thoughts on “Deception. The Adversary Hatches.”

  1. My strategies, the ones that work, are all spiritual because I’m pretty defenseless otherwise.

    I laugh at myself when I think of a translation of Isaiah 41:10 : “Do not look around and be afraid, for I will strengthen you, be assured I will help you;
    I will certainly take hold of you with My righteous right hand [a hand of justice, of power, of victory, of salvation].’”

    That’s what I do; I find myself looking around for my fear to materialize. I love it that He knows us so well. He knows we imagine fearful things and create our own creeping stalkers and raging attackers.

    Then I remember that the Lord God is creator. He breathed the universe into creation and set the stars in their courses. If He put me where I am, He is quite capable of taking care of Me.

    If I’m still shaky, I thank Him for protecting Me, praise Him, worship Him, pray in tongues, and remember He said over and over and over NOT to be afraid. I am not ever alone in My battles. It puts the focus on Him, not the fear. As the awareness of His power grows; fear diminishes.

  2. I’m trying to go the the trading floors and exchange what i was thinking or doing and receive what Papa G has for me. I’m doing it much quicker .

  3. I can tell you about a moment of realisation I had a few years ago. I was driving to work, feeling rather negative and depressed.(I forget what about – it seemed important at the time)

    I could take you to the exact junction I was sitting at when I thought about the fact that scripture says “We have the mind of Christ” – and I realised in an instant that if I have the mind of Christ – the mind of Christ is not thinking negative, depressed, self-loathing thoughts, and therefore – here’s the kicker – THOSE THOUGHTS ARE NOT MINE!

    Such freedom! I do still need a reminder from time to time, but that was a life changer! 🙂

    1. Exactly! Those thoughts…they come from an enemy, and they are NOT OURS!!! Love that Rebecca! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the comment! I also love what you said about being upset about something “I forget what about – it seemed important at the time.” Right?? How often do we waste our energy on the truly trivial? More thoughts that ARE NOT MINE!

  4. When a thought comes to oppose what I’m trying to accomplish, I consider that there’s something GOOD on the other side of the skirmish, that Jesus has already gone before me, and He causes me to TRIUMPH.

    Once, He told me, “You have the victory in every battle.” So, I do, and I default to that.

  5. I can tell you a dream I had the other night. I was looking at Facebook on my tablet, scrolling along checking out the newsfeed when suddenly I saw something that had just been posted. I was lies! It was about 25 or 30 pictures of false evidence against me! I felt rage start to rise in me at the injustice of this post. I felt my thought begin to swirl and plans of punishment start to develop. But suddenly, I yelled NO!! These were lies and I refused to feed them. If I enacted my plans, all I would accomplish was more fuel for this person to burn.
    I decided then and there that I had one option only and that was to let it go – refuse to vindicate myself. Instead, I deleted the post (Somehow I could), and blocked the person. I then took a deep breath, washed my hands and woke up.
    This dream represented victory to me. Many times Holy Spirit would tell me to keep scrolling and ignore things, but I didn’t always listen to Him. So often in the past I would have reacted and I would have reacted badly. I would have engaged the “enemy” and ended up being hurt and slimed. I always likened it to the Tar-baby syndrome. If I touched it, I would get it all over me and I would also get stuck. And it happened way too often.
    Call is a maturing or what you will but this time I did not engage. Yay, finally.

    1. Really good. Love what you say about touching the enemy and getting slimed. No distractions, just move forward!!!

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