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One Easy Tip for Emotional Healing. A Guest Post from Alice Briggs.

 Lady is taking a break from posting this week!

Moving across the country is taking up all of my time.  Today’s guest post is from my friend, Alice Briggs, owner, CEO, and general factotum at Alice Arlene, Ltd. Co.  She has an artwork business,, and an inner healing business,  She is a delight.  Check out her websites, and enjoy!



Hey there, fellow lovers of Lady the Fearless!

I’ve been loving all of Lady’s tips on how to combat fear.

I wanted to let you know about a couple of resources that I’ve created that are practical and easy to implement.

I’ve been terrified of failure, defined in my mind as “anything less than perfect,” for as long as I can remember.  I was the kid that wanted to know why she got a 99% instead of 100% on the test.  I was the kid that shattered when she messed up during a piano recital and walked away from playing for years.  I was the student who studied so hard that the lack of sleep actually hurt her grades.  It’s not a good feeling to wake up looking at a test paper!  I don’t recommend it!  I was the new professional who over-analyzed every decision she made and was devastated when others thought there was a better option.

I had no room for grace.

I had no room for peace.

I had no room for process.

I had no room for freedom.


My identity was wrapped up in what I did and how perfectly I did it.

It took me many years, and lots of help from God, to shift into a more helpful framework of identity.  I am Alice.  Nothing I can do, or not do, can change that.

I was created by God in His image.  I was created by God to do good work.

 But I was also created by God to enjoy the process!

So how did I begin such a foundational shift?

A lot of small things.  Over a period of time.

And I’m still learning.  But I have grace, peace, freedom, and pleasure in the process!


I was a scavenger, still am!  I would pick up ideas, tips, and tricks, and try them.  And I held on for dear life to the ones that worked.  The ones that didn’t, I cast aside.

When I began my inner healing practice, I wanted to pass on these tools and tips to my clients.  I found that the ones who used them made faster progress than the ones who didn’t.

I decided that these things were far more significant than I thought.  I wrote blog posts on them and was encouraged to write a book.  I agreed, but I wanted it to be practical.  I get irritated when I read something that is completely theoretical.  It sounds good, but I want to know what it looks like.  How do I apply it in my life?

So, that’s the book I set out to write.   A Guide to Freedom:  11 Steps to Greater Joy, Hope, and Peace, 


One of the chapters is on personalizing scripture.  If there is something plaguing me, such as fear, I use a concordance and look it up.  I make note of the verses that jump out at me, the ones that hit my heart, and spirit, and mind.

For example, I’m afraid and I find Joshua 1:9:  Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

There are a couple of ways that I can personalize this scripture, so there’s not a “correct” way, just the way that speaks most strongly to you at the time.

1) I could get out my trusty 3×5 cards and replace the “yous” with my name.  I could write:  Has God not commanded Alice?  Alice will be  strong and courageous.  Alice will not be afraid; Alice will not be discouraged, for the Lord my God will be with Alice wherever I go.

2) Or I could use “I” and “me” instead of the “you” pronouns and write:  Has God not commanded me?  I will be strong and courageous.  I will not be afraid; I will not be discouraged for the Lord my God will be with me wherever I go.


Sometimes I find that using my name has a bigger punch, but again, there’s no right or wrong way.  The chapter includes templates to help you see exactly how to use this approach for yourself.

Other chapters include:

Grace for the Journey
Saturate Your Atmosphere
Read the Word
Listen to the Spirit
Take Negative Thoughts Captive
Bind up the Lies
Forgive Quickly and Often
A Community of Believers
Exercise Your Spiritual Giftings
Practice Thankfulness

I’d love to connect with you and share more tips and tricks for emotional healing through my website at  Stop by, and sign up for my newsletter, and stay in touch!  –Alice